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Gaskets & Sealing

Gaskets & Sealing
Description: Automatic transmissions/transaxles use an arrangement of internal seals in clutch packs, servos, and accumulators. There are also several external seals. These can usually be found where there are any external linkage connections, where the torque converter engages the oil pump at the front of the transmission, at the output shaft of the transmission (rear wheel drive), and at the transaxle drive axle connections (front wheel drive). A gasket is used between the transmission oil pan and the transmission housing.

Purpose: Internal seals prevent leakage in clutch packs, servos and accumulators. These components are responsible for applying or absorbing pressure at various points inside the transmission/transaxle. External seals prevent the leakage of fluid outside the transmission/transaxle case and also prevent dirt from entering into the transmission. The oil pan gasket seals the pan to the transmission/transaxle case.

Maintenance Tips/Suggestions: Symptoms of internal seal leakage may include slipping, rough shifts, loss of some gear ranges, or no vehicle movement in forward or reverse. Symptoms of a leaking external seal or transmission/transaxle oil pan gasket usually can be seen as reddish-brown spots in your driveway or parking place, burning oil smell from underneath the car, and frequent topping-off of the transmission fluid level. If your car shows signs of seal or gasket problems, have the transmission checked as soon as possible by a qualified service technician. If the warning signs are neglected, more serious transmission damage may result.

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