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Fight Rising Gas Prices

If your like most drivers, you cringe when driving past a gas station and see the prices. Everyone we know has sent us some cartoons on rising gas prices and how you have to take out a loan for a full tank. Believe us, we feel your pain too. Allow us to suggest a few things you can do to help save that precious fuel.

First, check your gas cap. We have seen quite a few vehicles lately that have damaged, loose, or missing gas caps. This alone causes 147 million gallons of gas to evaporate every year from vehicles driving on the road. That's a ton of money at over $1.50 a litre and more! Next, make sure your tires are properly inflated as this can cost you a mile or two per 4.5 litres. Also, check to see if you need new spark plugs. These fire as many as three million times every 1,000 miles and a dirty or worn plug will constantly misfire wasting fuel. An oxygen sensor that needs replacing will also cost you as much as three miles per 4.5 litres. That stings quite a bit if you drive a truck with a 135 litre tank! Dirty air filters rob you of fuel by mixing too much fuel with the air for the combustion cycle causing the engine to lose power. Replacing this filter can help increase your mileage by as much as 10%. Finally, we suggest have a Fuel Injector Service performed. This service mixes a special detergent with fuel in a process that strips carbon deposits from intake to exhaust and unclogs fuel injectors without the cost of disassembling the engine or removing components. We have found that it resolves some drivability problems, restores performance, reduces emissions, extends fuel system component life, as well as restoring fuel economy. 

Spending a small amount of time and money today will provide benefits for years to come, along with going a bit longer between visits to the dreaded gas pump.

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