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Don't Lose Control

At Kirtec Auto Services, it makes us sad each time we see an article about an accident caused by the driver losing control, because we know that sometimes this did not have to be the case. Accident investigators agree that keeping a vehicle well-maintained could make the difference between a crash and a near miss.

In a perfect world, there would be more vehicles that would be instantly responsive. Brakes, steering and lights would be in perfect working condition. Poor handling as a result of worn or misaligned steering and suspension parts would be obsolete, and there would be no more balding tires hydroplaning on a wet road. 

Unfortunately we do not live in such a world and it is your job to partner with a competent repair facility to come as close as possible for your safety and of those driving around you. Your owner's manual has recommended service intervals listed to keep on top of your preventative maintenance or Kirtec Auto Services can provide it for you. You know what the old saying about an ounce of prevention reminds us about ... heed the warning.

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