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On the Road Again

Mom and Dad thought they didn't need to worry about their teenage daughter on the road to college because she had a cell phone. But this is a false sense of security. Cell phones are much better than they used to be but we still face dead zones and areas with no digital coverage. Not to mention the frustration of calling for service in an unknown area or driving to their rescue yourself. Relying on a cell phone does not take the place of smart car care. We suggest a complete checkup and servicing of the cooling system.

Neglecting the cooling system can result in overheating, often leading to major damage. In the dog-days of summer, rubber components like belts and hoses are highly vulnerable to deterioration. Radiator and heater hoses, which circulate hot, pressurized antifreeze/coolant throughout the engine, are also subjected to extreme under-hood temperatures. Drive belts are driven by an engine pulley to power such accessories such as the alternator, power steering pump, cooling system water pump, air conditioner compressor and more. When a belt fails, one or all of these are disabled.

These are just some of the many components and systems we recommend checking and, as needed, repairing or replacing. Compared to depending completely on a cell phone, regular maintenance is the better way to go. It will also teach your teenager to care for their car to ensure reliable operation in the future.

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